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Assisting & Adjustment Workshop Info

Are you a yoga teacher interested in creative ways to support your students in their practice?

Or are you a yoga student seeking a deeper understanding of alignment within the flow of vinyasa?

Offering assists and adjustments to yoga students is an art. It requires highly developed observation skills, awareness of body mechanics and movement, intimate familiarity of the poses, and strong communications skills. The goal is to assist and adjust so that students find their ultimate expression of poses without becoming teacher-dependent. This carefully designed immersion into the art of assisting and adjusting, based on the observation of and work with thousands of students, will deepen your teaching skills to help your students to find an openness and mind/body connection that advances their practice. This training will differentiate you as a teacher.  

Course includes:

  • Gaining confidence in touch
  • Judging where, when and how strong
  • Helping the student find their alignment, their stability and comfort within the pose
  • Making each assist right for different body types
  • The understanding that more is less when it comes to safe hands-on adjustments.
  • How to assist students with hyper-mobility
  • Lots of practice with feedback
  • The ethics behind hands on assists
  • Learning the skills of sensitive adjustments that are appropriate to practitioner
  • The role of props as tools in adjusting and assisting.
  • How to empower students to find personal levels of self-adjusting.
  • Assisting safely without developing dependency.

Poses covered:

  • Flowing with Sun Salutations – Jump Backs & Floating
    • Standing Poses
    • Backbends
    • Twists
    • Forward Folds
    • Core Connection
    • Inversions
    • Surrender to Gravity

12 hours / Yoga Alliance Continued Ed